Macbook Laptop Recycling

Electronic goods never last forever, and this includes laptops too. They have a MTBF (mean time between failures. The lifespan of your laptop depends on several parameters such as

The brand Certain brands, especially the costly ones manufactured by reputable companies last longer

The environment Using a computer in a dusty and humid environment leads to a coating of dust on the motherboard and other electronic parts... this, added with moisture leads to short circuit of those parts

Voltage fluctuation Voltage fluctuation and spikes in your power supply damage sensitive parts such as the SMPS (switch mode power supply) and the CPU (central processing unit). You can avoid this by using a voltage stabiliser and spike buster.

Usage If you do not take care of your laptop, you can rest assured that it will not be long before it starts malfunctioning)

Regular formatting Low level formatting the hard disk drive regularly damages the surface of its platter, leading to bad sectors, which, over time, damage the HDD beyond repair. You should resort to formatting the HDD only if you have no other options left.

Viruses and Trojans Certain viruses and trojans can play havoc with the functioning of your laptop, though this is a solvable problem.

Damaged beyond repair

If your Macbook is damaged beyond repair, your sole option is to get it recycled by companies that specialise in laptop recycling. Never throw your computer along with other waste in the garbage. The company collecting your rubbish will dump everything in your trashcan along with the laptop in a landfill. This can cause serious problems for the environment as the toxic heavy metals in the circuit such as lead, chromium, and beryllium. Over time, these metals leech into the soil, causing severe damage to the environment. People dump millions of tons of electronic waste around the world every year. As new laptops with higher processing power appear, users dump old computers and purchase new ones. More often than not, most of them end up in the landfill.

Importance of recycling

Recycling is very important to keep the landfills free from overflowing and keep toxic waste from ending up in them, which ultimately end up in our water supplies and through them into plants as well. Humans or animals eating vegetables from these plants ingest the toxic compounds, which poses a serious health concern. Apart from this, these toxic wastes pose harm to the environment as well. You can avoid such problems from taking place and protect the environment by opting for laptop recycling. Go through the manual accompanying your laptop. Most manufacturers have a laptop recycling program. They will pick up your damaged laptop and take it to their factory where they will separate recyclable parts from the non recyclable ones. They separate the metal from the circuit boards, purify them, and use them while manufacturing new electronic laptop components. All said and done, you should first try to seek the help of a computer technician and see if he can repair your malfunctioning laptop. If your laptop is covered by warrantee, contact the manufacturers... they will repair it free of charge.

Extra information about laptop recycling